Berry Lane was founded by parents who didn’t want to turn their carefully crafted home decor into a baby’s playroom. When our baby was born, we had a hard time finding suitable playmats that match our modern style.

Every mat we found had either extremely bright colors or multiple puzzle pieces. Bright colors have been known to overstimulate babies, and puzzle pieces are difficult to clean. Not to mention that some mats that are made from toxic materials!

After being disappointed with our search for elegant, safe, and stylish baby mats, we decided to create our own. Since the launch of our luxury playmat product line, we have expanded and launched several baby-friendly products unique to our style.

We strive to create products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also child-friendly and safe. Working closely with experts, we carefully select the safest and most comfortable materials for baby products. Our products are used and loved worldwide by thousands of clients.


Our Commitments

Since we launched, our company has been dedicated to a number of goals; safety, style, and community. Our products are made from recyclable materials where possible, and adhere to strict environmental and safety standards. All our products are certified non-toxic by both American and European safety standards.

We believe that households with children can still maintain a decor style without involving bright primary colors and other childish designs. Our products are designed with a modern minimalistic style in mind.

At Berry Lane, we’re also committed to giving back to people and the planet. Our company is partnered with and we’re dedicated to planting one tree for every item sold. Currently, we planted 10,000 trees! With your help, we can plant even more.

Thank you for your support and we hope to continue making the best baby products for your home and family.