Welcome to Berry Lane!

By all appearances, Berry Lane is just a baby products brand, featuring high­end items created  with the little ones in mind. But looking closer, you will discover that we are so much more than  that.

The truth is that Berry Lane was created for the worried parent who seeks the most luxurious  and high­quality baby products that will not transform their house into a childish playground.

Our luxury playmats will speak to your needs while fitting nicely and preserving your home’s  current décor and style.

Thank you for choosing us and trusting in our core values of luxury, quality and safety.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to lessen the stress and anxiety of new parents by showing them they do not have to give up on their luxury and adult life simply because they became parents. All our products tend to speak to our customers’ needs without interfering with their home’s environment or décor.

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